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Discover quick tips, innovative insights, and fresh ideas to inspire your mission

Simon Bullmore17/4/2024 41:11 AM

Gen AI is losing it's edge: what can you do about it?

After a period of improvement, LLMs (large language models) perform worse. Here's why you need to use domain knowledge ...
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Simon Bullmore15/4/2024 16:11 AM

Why you need to know your topic before you use AI

Get Gen AI to help you research, copy-edit and restructure your next thought piece, but lean on AI alone, and you'll ...
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Simon Bullmore18/3/2024 15:11 AM

Know the difference: The Web and The Internet

The Internet and the Web are as different as roads and cars. What those differences involve is important to grasp in ...
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Johnny Lloyd21/11/2023 00:12 AM

It’s a kind of Magic Studio

Canva has recently released a new AI tool called Magic Studio - here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.
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Coeli Uy16/11/2023 00:12 AM

Host your next webinar using LinkedIn Live and StreamYard

Want to connect with your audience in real-time? Use LinkedIn Live and StreamYard to host your next webinar or live ...
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Johnny Lloyd14/11/2023 00:12 AM

Meet Collabstr: a fantastic free tool for influencer marketing

Collabstr is a handy, free tool that allows you to search and filter a massive pool of influencers to help you find ...
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Johnny Lloyd31/10/2023 00:07 AM

Take a Peep at CSS Peeper - The Handy Chrome Extension

Find out how CSS Peeper can make your life easier when reviewing other websites.
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Johnny Lloyd26/10/2023 57:03 PM

Have you heard of Google’s long-awaited answer to Chat-GPT, Google Gemini?

An AI platform that’s expected to be better at planning and solving issues than ChatGPT.
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Johnny Lloyd20/6/2023 00:12 AM

Snoop on your competitors with Meta’s Ad Library

Discover the ads your competitors are running - scrolling past examples isn't enough. Explore Meta's Ad Library for ...
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Johnny Lloyd1/6/2023 00:12 AM

How Ubersuggest can be uber helpful for those with limited SEO budgets

Discover the value of Ubersuggest. While paid SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush offer comprehensive features for ...
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