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Account based marketing

Win work faster with marketing tactics tailored for sales.

The power of united sales & marketing

Our Account-based marketing services help you target specific high-value accounts rather than a broad audience. By tailoring messages and content to the unique needs and pain points of individual businesses, ABM helps you:

  • Create a more meaningful and engaging experience for your most valued prospects
  • Build better alignment between marketing and sales teams, leading to improved collaboration and increased conversion rates.
  • Maximise your resources and efforts by concentrating on the accounts with the highest success potential.

Account based marketing services in detail

Account planning

Document the strategy for influencing decision makers at high-value accounts

  1. Build the key account list. Use insights from sales and your CRM to identify existing and potential customers who meet your description of a high-value account.
  2. Create the ABM task force. Initially create a pilot team with one sales and one marketing specialist. Then extend the practice across key account sales teams.
  3. Identify the buying committee. Specify each role who will influence the decision to purchase your product or service at each key account.
  4. Tailor your value proposition. Develop a version of your value proposition that is adapted to each target account.
Account based marketing - account planning

Customer journey mapping

Identify the content and engagement approach for each target account.

  1. Map content.  Each member of the buying committee will require different content at each stage of the purchase process. Some content types can be repurposed from existing content, others may need development from scratch.
  2. Develop content journeys.  Specify the channels that will be used to ensure you content will reach the buying committee 
  3. Agree the engagement strategy. Decide how will you promote content to new prospects - from direct emails to website content to conference talks and paid advertising.
  4. Build automations. Identify opportunities to automate elements of the content journey, for example follow-up emails from content downloads with a call to action that helps a buyer move to the next step.
Account based marketing - Customer journey mapping

Aligned campaigns

Engage the buying committee with co-ordinated campaigns.

  1. Create content. Develop your content based on each account’s customer journey map.
  2. Promote content. Your task force should agree a co-ordinated set of steps for ensuring each member of the buying committee see the right content at the right time
  3. Lead scoring. Use your HubSpot CRM to assign scores to client based on their demographics and behaviour. This will help ensure you surfacing new prospects or buying committee members at your key accounts
  4. Target social advertising. Use Platforms like LinkedIn to target specific audiences and companies with tailored content.
  5. Report and iterate. Build dashboards in HubSpot to report on progress and track deals. Use insights to optmise your approach for a new set of target accounts.
Account based marketing - aligned campaigns

What our customers say

"Working with Mission Drive has been game changing for ByzGen. Mission Drive quickly helped us develop our proposition and create great content which radically increased our visibility in the market."
Mission Drive Testimonial - Matthew birks
Matthew BirksChief Operating Officer at ByzGen