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Candice Bullmore

Candice has a background in sales and learning. And, a passion for helping people develop new skills. She led the launch of Mission Drive as a Hubspot Partner Agency and leads the development of the data skills programmes we design for clients. Candice has overall responsibility for our leadership products, connections with partners, and project delivery.

Blog Post by Candice Bullmore

Candice Bullmore9/11/2023 00:07 AM

Alt Text as poetry

Shanon and Bojana have reframed Alt Text as a type of poetry - to help anyone working in this space practice writing it ...
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Candice Bullmore21/9/2023 00:07 AM

Create an accessible colour palette in seconds

Try the free Accessible Colour palette generator from Venngage to generate your own accessible colour palette.
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Candice Bullmore1/8/2023 00:12 AM

The building blocks of creating a community people love

What does community mean to you? A bit of fun? Sharing interests with others? Staying connected with like-minded folk?
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Candice Bullmore15/6/2023 00:12 AM

Excluding people is bad for business

Ensure accessibility compliance for your business. Discover a curated collection of content accessibility resources by ...
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Candice Bullmore18/5/2023 00:12 AM

Make digital accessibility a MUST for your business

18 May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. 1 billion people worldwide have disabilities – but they’re often very ...
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Candice Bullmore19/4/2023 00:12 AM

Act for our planet, our only home

Earth Day is coming up on 22nd April. Whether you’re taking actions virtually, or in person, there are many ways you ...
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Candice Bullmore17/4/2023 00:12 AM

Watch our webinar! What ChatGPT reveals about data literacy

Watch our recent webinar where we reveal the skills that leaders really need to get value from data and technologies ...
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Candice Bullmore12/4/2023 00:12 AM

Become an open data essentials expert

Ever wondered what open data is? Well, it turns out it's pretty important and is changing the lives of everyone on our ...
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Candice Bullmore9/3/2023 00:12 AM

Get your Website Rating in seconds

So you have a company website, but do you really know how your site is performing? Here is how to get your Website ...
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Candice Bullmore9/2/2023 00:12 AM

Make your hashtags more inclusive

Make your hashtags more inclusive – start today. So, instead of #inclusivehashtags try #InclusiveHashtags. Which is ...
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