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Our five favourite features from Canva Create

Earlier this year Canva released one of their biggest updates, introducing a lot of new magical, AI-powered features. Here are our top five favourites.

1. Brand Hub

Brand Hub equips marketing and creative teams with tools to maintain a consistent visual identity and design within their brand vision. You can upload your brand’s fonts, colours, images and logos, as well as your Brand Guidelines to show what to use and what not to use. 

Bonus feature: Brand Controls to make sure there’s no temptation to go off track!

Canva Brand Controls

2. Draw tool

This new feature is perfect for anyone who likes to sketch their ideas into mind maps, doodles, and flowcharts. Think freehand drawing, underlines, or annotations.

3. Video animations

You can now bring stories to life with the video animation feature. Simply drag your element in whatever direction you want the animation to follow. Forwards, backwards, in a circle, zig zag… the possibilities are endless.

Canva video animations

4. Magic Edit

Have you ever wanted to edit a photo but thought it was too complex and time consuming? Magic Edit lets you do it seconds. Whether you want to add or remove something from an image, simply describe it to Magic Edit and watch the wizardry happen.

5. Layers

You can now see all the elements in one place, including text, shapes, images and video, making designs easier and faster.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 17.17.06

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