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Is ChatGPT good or bad? You decide.

Nearly everyone has heard of ChatGPT (the most advanced Chatbot created to date). And by now,  you may have even had a go – alongside the 1 million+ users in the first week it went live. Here at Mission Drive, we even asked it to write an entire Data Literacy blog for us. But the question is, is ChatGPT actually good or bad?

Why not check out our selection of quotes and articles from across the web to make your own mind up. 

The good

The bad

  • ‘Algorithms don't feel. Data doesn't suffer’ – Nick Cave, BBC 
  • ‘If technology reaches a level where it can perform your job as well or better than you, what are you going to do for a living?’ – Search Engine Journal 
  • ‘If we know anything from history, it’s that we generally overestimate the short-term impact of new communication technologies’ –  The Guardian
  • ‘ChatGPT could be used for good, but like many other AI models, it's rife with racist and discriminatory bias’ – Insider.com

Want to discover more? Check out what happened when we asked ChatGPT to write a blog on the importance of Data Literacy or sign up for our Master the machine - what Chat GPT reveals about data literacy for leaders webinar. 

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