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Woman sat on a desk looking far into the distance holding a pen, looking focused and thinking deeply.
Simon Bullmore19/10/2023 00:07 AM< 1 min read

I’m not perfect. Does that mean I’m not ethical?

“The best is the enemy of the good” Voltaire.

I’m never going to be as good a cook as Hélène Darroze. Or kick a ball as hard as Chloe Kelly. Or inspire millions like Nelson Mandela. That won’t put me off trying new recipes, keeping fit or advocating for what I believe in.

It’s the same for ethics. Nobody is perfect in their thoughts, words or deeds. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. 

Ethics is a journey not a destination. As the Ethics Centre puts it “ethics is a process of questioning, discovering and defending our values, principles and purpose.”

That’s what being ethical is. Questioning what matters, discovering how to live in ways that align to what we care about, and standing up for what we believe to be right.

Being ethical means embracing the process. It’s about intent. It’s about recognising that being good doesn’t mean being the best. 

Want to be part of a community that questions what matters and stand up for their beliefs? Join The EDM Community.

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Simon Bullmore

Simon helps our clients develop effective growth strategies and data literacy programmes. With a background in business psychology, Simon has worked in data, business development and training for over 17 years. This includes leading the learning programme at the Tim Berners-Lee founded Open Data Institute, and the launch of Harvard Business School's first European office.