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Get Your Free Persona Creation Template

Discover how to develop buyer personas that help you focus your marketing efforts and generate more leads and awareness for your business.

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At the most basic level, personas allow you to personalize or target your marketing for different segments of your audience. For example, instead of sending the same lead nurturing emails to everyone in your database, you can segment by buyer persona and tailor your messaging according to what you know about those different personas. Download our template to learn more. 

You'll discover how to:

Understand what a buyer persona is.  
Explain how to use buyer personas  
List ways to create your personas  
Describe what a completed persona looks like  
Create your own buyer personas for your business  

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"Mission Drive have a can-do approach and really took the time to understand our business, our product and our ideas. They turn this understanding into a clear plan and always seem to be able to deliver - even when we change our minds about things at the last minute!"
Mission Drive Testimonial - Terry Leonard
Terry LeonardCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at ByzGen