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Find out how our interactive board game Datopolis can help with your data strategy

Download our guide and discover all the amazing benefits of running a facilitated Datopolis session. Whether you’re part of a large or small business, you and your team could learn some invaluable real world data skills.

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You'll discover

How your Datopolis session can be customised to your goals  
What your team will experience from the event  
How they can benefit from content tailored to their needs  

Opportunities to find and identify skills gaps

Pricing for your unique Datopolis session  

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“It was such a fun session, and a really memorable way to learn more about data and how it's integral to solving business challenges. Learning by playing is such a brilliant way to absorb new information – I need more of this in my life ❤️”
Emma Cohen
Emma CohenSenior Digital Marketer at the Open Data Institute